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    Who is a Known Shipper?

    A Known Shipper, particularly in air freight, refers to an individual or organization that has been pre-screened and approved by a carrier or government agency as being a low-risk shipment source.

    The known shipper designation allows the individual or organization to ship goods without additional security screenings on passenger and cargo planes.

    Please note that you don’t need to be a Known Shipper to book through our platform.

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    One of the things that you will note with Limco Logistics air freight services is the use of similar terminologies for all of services offered with the other service providers. It is hard to find one firm using AWB (airway bill) while another uses BL (bill of lading). Most of the Air Freight shipping companies…

    Humanitarian Aid That Reaches Everywhere 🤝 Limco Logistics stands with NGOs and foundations 🌍At Limco Logistics, we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of community. Today, we’re proud to announce our unwavering support for NGOs and foundations working tirelessly to make a positive impact on a global scale.🌟 Our commitment to humanitarian…

    We take pride in being at the forefront of import/export operations with the United States!Our journey in the freight forwarding industry has been nothing short of remarkable.We’ve not only weathered the complex seas of 🚢 maritime shipping, but have also soared high with ✈️ air freight and raced ahead on 🚆 rails transportation.Our commitment to…

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